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Software Stock Spreadsheet

Attached is an updated version of my Software Stock Excel Spreadsheet with prices for 240 public software companies as of 12/31/04. In addition to a list of current stock prices and key statistics, there are two other sheets. One sheet called "Index" provides a history of prices and market cap for each stock over time so that you can calculate an index for industry. The other called "add/sub" tracks additions and deletions to the list. Deletions are largely due to M&A activity while additions are the result of IPOs.

The spreadsheet continues to make use of Microsoft's MSN Money automatic Stock price download toolbar within Excel to get current stock prices for each company. To update the prices you need to update the prices on sheets “Raw 1” and “Raw 2” separately as MSFT has a limit on the number of quotes you can request at one time. Right now you can only get basic market information via this service. Hopefully in the future you will be able to get some financial statement information.

Download software_universe_1104.xls

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