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Internet Stock Excel Spreadsheet

Attached is an Excel spreadsheet of Internet-focused public company stocks that is updated as of 12/31/04. I use this spreadsheet to help spot potential long/short ideas in the Internet sector. There are two other worksheets in this workbook. One sheet tracks overall industry performance, basically an index of Internet related stocks, while the second sheets tracks additions and subtractions to the universe.

In terms of recent performance, Internet stocks another great month with the average stock up a whopping 18% and the overall index up 8.4% compared to the NASDAQ's 6.2% increase.

I spend most of my time looking at software related investment ideas so I haven’t added a lot of extra analysis to this spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet makes use of Microsoft's MSN Money automatic Stock price download toolbar within Excel to get current stock prices for each company. To update the prices you just hit a button. Right now you can only get basic market information via this service. Hopefully in the future you will be able to get some financial statement information.

Download internet_universe_123104.xls

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