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Software Stocks Update: May 2005

The Software Stock Index was up a strong 5.2% in May compared to the NASDAQ's even stronger 7.6% gain.  The average stock was up 6.7% indicating that small caps slightly outperformed big caps.  This month's best performning sectors were secruity (20%+), collaboration (17.7%), and supply chain (16.8%).  This was the first up month for supply chain in awhile (it is still the leading loser for the year at -25%).  For the first time in a long time, no sector posted a loss which is pretty amazing and shows how broad based the May rally in stocks was.

For a detailed breakdown of all the stock statistics including a record of all of the M&A in the space, click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with the data and click here to get Microsoft's automatic stock quote downloading plug-in for Excel if you don't already have it.

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