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Internet Stocks Update: March 2006

Internet stocks slightly lagged the overall market in March with the Internet Stock Index up 2.4% compared to the NASDAQ's 2.6% gain. The average stock was actually up 7.5% though indicating continued strength in small cap stocks.  The big winner this month was hosting provider Navisite which soared 114% on the backs of a good Q4 report and some balance sheet restructuring while the big loser was online payments provider FireOne (-16.3%).

There was only one Internet related IPO in March, Online gambling technology provider Playtec went public on AIM and now has a cool $1BN valuation making it the 5th public online gambling company with a $1BN+ market cap.

For a detailed breakdown of all the stock statistics including a record of all of the M&A in the space, click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with the data and click here to get Microsoft's automatic stock quote downloading plug-in for Excel if you don't already have it.  The spreadsheet has been improved lately with detailed fundamental financial data and ratios for almost all of the stocks.

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