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Software Stocks Update: March 2006

Software Stocks modestly outperformed the rest of the market in February with the Software Stock Index up 3.3% vs. the NASDAQ's 2.6% gain. The strength was largely due to strong performances from several large cap stocks, especially Oracle (+10.1%) and SAP(+6.9%).  The average stock was up 4.5% thanks to even stronger small call performance.  The best performing sector was Wireless (+12.3%) due to strength at Openwave and Inforspace while the worst performing sector was, one again, Clinical Apps (-4.6%).

There were, yet again, no software IPOs this month.  In fact there were no Software IPO's in the 1st quarter. The two M&A transactions this month were both private buyouts with Silver Lake buying Serena Software and Golden Gate buying business intelligence player GEAC.

For a detailed breakdown of all the stock statistics including a record of all of the M&A in the space, click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with the data and click here to get Microsoft's automatic stock quote downloading plug-in for Excel if you don't already have it.

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