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Top 10 Internet Stocks of 2007

2007's list of top performing Internet stocks provides a little bit of  de ja vu from 2006's list.  As was the case in 2006, China remained a hot investment sector, although this year's China winners are different than last year's.  Three of last' year's Top 10 performers repeat in 2007, something to be truly admired in the rough and tumble Internet sector.

To qualify for this list the company had to start 2007 with a market cap of at least $50M and its business had to be focused on the Internet.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Internet Stocks of 2007:

  1. China Finance Online
    Price Change: 392% Ticker: JRJC
    :  The Chinese stock market was "en fuego" all year and what better way to play that market than an Internet company that sells online financial services products and information.
    Price Change: 246% Ticker:BIDU
    :  China's #1 search engine appeared to be pulling away from the pack in 2007 despite desperate attempts by Yahoo and Google to get in the game.  Right now the market seems to think Baidu is going to win.
  3. Tradus
    Price Change: 184% Ticker: TRAD.L
    Comment:  Formerly known as QXL and a serious competitor to EBAY in Eastern Europe, QXL's stock was supported by takeover rumors all year, which turned out to be true in December when South African media group Naspers announced a deal to acquire it.
  4. Acquantive
    Price Change
    : 168% Ticker: AQNT
    Comment:  Aquantive was acquired by Microsoft in the middle of the year after they scrambled to respond to Google's acquisition of privately held Doubleclick.
  5. Priceline
    Price Change: 163%% Ticker: PCLN
    : Last year's #10 performer, Priceline is back again, a very impressive performance for what was thought to be a mature company.  Priceline continued to school the rest of the online travel field, especially with its expansion into Europe.
  6. Omniture
    Price Change
    : 136% Ticker: OMTR
    : Last year's #7 stock moves up one spot to #6.  After a successful IPO in 06, Ominture grew quickly in 07 and announced the acquisition of its main public competitor (VSCN).
    Price Change: 135% Ticker: AMZN
    : The granddaddy of online retailing flexed its growing muscles in 07.  Thanks to growing revenues and somewhat decreased tech spending margins expanded quickly and earnings accelerated.
    Price Change
    : 127% Ticker: SOHU
    : One of China's largest portals saw impressive growth and benefited for investor appetite for all things China.
  9. Gigamedia
    Price Change
    : 92% Ticker: GIGM
    :  Last year's #2 stock, holds on to a  Top 10 position.  Unlike  other gambling stocks, Gigamedia's focus on Asia as well as its casual games help it buck the trend and keep growing without regulatory interference.
    Price Change
    : 84% Ticker: NILE
    : The Internet's largest jewelry retailer saw its stock take off in 2007 and it reached critical mass and began to drive impressive margins.

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