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Consumer Internet IPOs

This is a list of Consumer Internet (B2C) related Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) from 2004 onward, their IPO issue price and their current market price.  The final column calculates the price appreciation since the IPO.  Current prices in Bold indicate that the company was acquired at that price at some point in the past. (You can most likely find the details of the M&A transaction on the Consumer Internet M&A page.)  Current prices in Red and Bold indicate that the company filed for bankruptcy at some point in the past.

This list is actually a Google Spreadsheet. If you would like to contribute updates/edits to this list click on the "E-Mail Me" link on this blog and send me your e-mail.  I will add you to the contributors list.  As a contributor you will not only be able to update the sheet, but you will also be able to republish the sheet on your own blog and invite others to contribute.

Internet IPOs

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